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We inspire city leaders, technologists,
urban designers, architects and citizen-leaders to develop more efficient, resilient
and sustainable future cities.

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  • Cities

    Developing better strategies for making urban spaces more efficient and resilient will be key for the creation of self-sufficient cities.

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  • Corporations

    Member corporations facilitate access to lower cost and greater choice in building and deploying data-smart city solutions.

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  • Academia

    The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed. Cities need a different approach on urban design and planning to create new scale-free solutions.

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  • Nonprofit organizations

    We work with leaders from business, government, academia but also global nonprofit organizations, civil society, the media and the arts.

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Every city faces its own particular opportunities and threats and its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, no city can simply copy any other city’s path into the future. The challenge is how to identify commonalities clearly enough to allow cities to decide whom to partner with, so that shared problems can be tackled together.

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Supported by world leading companies and institutions

Society members are responsible for the governance, management of operations, and for setting up the strategies of the City Protocol global community.

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News and events

  • REI_9485

    CPS Participation in Asia-Africa Smart City Alliance set in Bandung

    A two-day seminar on Smart City, which took place in Bandung on 22-23 April, with 446 participants, 26 mayors and dozens of foreign delegations from 39 countries, has been completed with a commitment to set the Asia-Africa Smart City Alliance. The Asia-Africa Smart City Summit was conducted during the Asia-Africa Conference, officially held from 19-24 […]

  • New Members on Board. Welcome!

    The society is really excited to welcome new members every month! City of Oviedo (Spain) City of Gazientep (Turkey) TICE.PT (Portugal) Charlotte, NC (US) Béziers (France) Global Cities Institute – University of Toronto (Canada) Yachay EP (Ecuador) Turkiye Bilisim Vakfi (Turkey)

  • New Collaborative Platform Coming Soon!

    The new website will be extended next week to include a new “Collaborative Platform” – where we will organize projects (TAFTs), protocol (City Protocol “agreements” and more) and people (CPS members, other CPTF colleagues, partners and more). This collaborative information-sharing platform will be used to invite specific kinds of contributions which describe problem and solution experience […]

  • 1

    Join the CPS Promotional Workshops in South-east Asia

    The CPS is participating in the next Smart City Expo World Congress to be held in March 25-27 in Montreal. In addition to this event, SCEWC and CPS are co-organizing a promotional tour next month. The main objective is to identify, gather and engage representatives and city leaders in South East Asia. If you (or any of your offices) are based in South East Asia, […]

  • cp-approved

    ​First CP Agreement ACCEPTED after completing Public Review!

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The City Protocol team

“Internet has changed our lives but it has not changed our cities, yet.”

Vicente Guallart, The Self-Suficient City.