A global community that leverages knowledge and experiences to foster common city transformations

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A California Non-Profit Corporation formed by cities, commercial and non-profit organizations, universities and research institutions whose role is to develop the City Protocol, a system’s approach to rationalize and document, under a shared and interoperable basis, city transformation and solution protocols that are multi-city, multi-partner and scale-free. This is why the CPS supports the City Protocol Task Force, an open community of individuals, organized in Task-And-Finish-Teams, who volunteer to work together to develop City Protocol Agreements.

The City Protocol Society aims at breaking the existing intracity vertical compartments (silos) and intercity isolated solutions by establishing via rough consensus de facto common standards for city operation, finance and governance, i.e., by building a connectivity layer above specific solutions and best practices for individual cities. City Protocol connectivity is about building common city models and systems architectures, about building the INTERNET OF CITIES.